We are living in the world of connected “everything”: from connected devices via home automation, to connected vehicles that can be monitored from your mobile devices, and to connected machineries with Industry 4.0. The concept of Internet of Things(IoT) is not foreign in today’s world. But have we harnessed the power of IoT for the Data Platforms themselves?

As more and more devices get connected, the importance of Data Platforms which enable storage, transformation and analysis of the data generated by these devices is greater than ever before. Yet, the very Data Platforms responsible for driving the economic growth and mining the modern day gold(data) are not connected themselves. By enabling the Connected Data Platform, a currently hidden opportunity is unlocked.

So what are the advantages of transforming your data platform into a Connected Data Platform? Let’s take a look.

Harness the power of being connected

According to McKinsey, the economic value of IoT could be anywhere between USD 3.9 trillion to 11.2 trillion by 2025. This does not seem a very far-fetched estimate considering that IoT is being used in manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, public safety, logistics, energy management, organizational redesign, etc. Are our data platforms ready to operate at this scale, efficiently and continuously?

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Over the past decade as the Internet of Things market matured, customers started looking for more capabilities beyond merely connecting devices – such as monitoring, managing and analysing data, collecting real-time data at the edge, and securing their existing solutions. To be able to get the best out of your Data Platform, you need a lot of data(telemetry) about your Data Platform itself. Imagine being a doctor and being able to remotely and continuously monitor your patients. With Connected Data Platform monitoring, you are able to do just that by continuously monitor your data platform and diagnose the root cause of errors while being efficient.

Reduce recurring Op-Ex cost

The digital economy requires organizations to be responsive as well as have a grip on their data platform and real-time operations. The cost of running the Data Platform cannot be overlooked as we transition from upfront Cap-Ex (Capital Expenditure) model, where organizations were required bear the one time infrastructure set up to an Op-Ex (Operational Expenditure) model where organization are charged for the use, ensuring optimum utilization of resources is a necessity and no longer an option. Gone are the days when 30% CPU utilization was considered healthy. When you are paying for use, efficiency is the key to reduced bills. For cloud infrastructure, underutilized resources directly result into more expenditure. Although we as customers expect to pay for only for the value to our cloud providers, we are also paying for the inefficient usage, which includes errors and un/under utilized resources.

Pre-empt failures by analysing the data about the data platform itself

To have a tighter grip on your Data Platform, you need more data about the Data Platform itself. This is as obvious of a fact, as is running a patient through a MRI scan for getting more data on illness, or running a vehicle through a diagnosis test to identify the root-cause for a noisy engine. Data Platforms by design and function tend to grow in data size and the processes tend to become longer and more resource intensive over time. Therefore, tuning the processes to optimize them to use less resources, take lesser time and pre-emptively find errors and therefore to prevent breakdowns is mandatory. In our data platform we collect and analyse data from so many sources, but we often don’t have data for our own data platform. Why isn’t there data exchange between cloud services around health and performance? How is it that we have better grip on our smart bulbs than our data platform itself?

Take Charge of your Data Platform’s Telemetry

Telemetry data of the various components in use by Data Platforms is at the moment available for the various cloud providers, but upon request. This telemetry is not only for what services are you using but also how you are using them: accessing this gold mine of information and turning it into wisdom is not an easy task. With the advent of multi-cloud and hybrid data platforms, this data collection and analysis has become even more difficult. The first step towards being in control of your data platform is to get access to the data from your cloud provider(s) for analysis. The next step is to make sense of this data and the final step is to take corrective action based on this wisdom obtained from this data.

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How can we come up with “smarter” compute and data platforms?

The journey to turn relevant telemetry data into information, into knowledge, into decisions, into actions and finally, into Wisdom requires continuous attention when monitoring, analysing and maintaining the telemetry data. 

At FullData we are experts in the Data Platform products and their implementation. We help you uncover telemetry of your Data Platforms and turn it into actionable insights, detect trends and provide early warnings, keeping an eye on relevant available event sources complemented with our own custom build collectors to capture volatile information that normally vaporizes to provide the basis for long term trend analysis and deep insights needed.

The technology landscape is ever evolving, and you need a technology-partner to help you navigate through this challenge, so that you can continue to focus on your patients(business).

Dedicated exclusively to the data ecosystem, there’s no challenge we haven’t encountered, understood, and overcome. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all fix: we tailor all of our services to your particular needs, often by deep diving into your current usage patterns, encountering the bottlenecks and understanding your use-cases, so you can get the most out of your Data Platform. Consider FullData as your extra pair of eyes.

We pride ourselves on doing things the right way. Especially high-quality and on-time delivery. That means providing straightforward advice, offering honest pricing, and building sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

Ready to embark a journey of making your Data Platform smarter, efficient and Connected?

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