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The technology landscape is ever evolving, and you need a technology-partner to help you navigate through this challenge. While you focus on what you do the best, we take care of the rest.

Dedicated exclusively to the data ecosystem, there’s no challenge we haven’t encountered, understood, and overcome. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all fix: we tailor all of our services to your particular needs, often by deep diving into your current usage patterns, encountering the bottlenecks and understanding your use-cases, so you can get the most out of your Data Infrastructure.


We pride ourselves on doing things the right way. Especially high quality and on time delivery. That means providing straightforward advice, offering honest pricing, and building sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

Primary Services

Data Platform Design and Development

Whether you need a design starting from scratch, revamping an old system, or collaborating with your developers, FullData’s team of experts draws on decades of experience to craft efficient data solutions suited to your goals.

Not all data platforms are created equal. It takes a high degree of expertise to design and develop a sustainable Data Platform. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of experience planning, developing, implementing and tuning complex Data Platform systems.

Data Platform Upgrades and Data Migration

Whether you’re upgrading your Data Platform, migrating to a completely new platform, or from on premise to the cloud, the experts at FullData are here to help.

Upgrading or moving your Data Platform is not a typical daytime job. Leave the process to our Data specialists and rest assured that your Data Platform is in good hands.

We specialize in making upgrades and migration changes with little disturbance or downtime, because we understand that databases are the lifeblood of a thriving business. Even if your data is so large that it’ll take hours to transfer, our team will innovate alternative, non-intrusive solutions, so your business won’t skip a beat. We actively contribute in building tools which are industry pioneers when it comes to velocity and volume of data transfers.

DevOps and DataOps

With devOps and DataOps we enable you to maintain a grip over your data and its estate with minimal efforts.

Using DevOps, leading companies have been able to reduce their software release cycle time from months to seconds. This has enabled them to grow and lead in fast-paced, emerging markets. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many others now release software many times a day, and so can you.

A DataOps Platform automates the steps and processes that comprise DataOps: sandbox management, orchestration, monitoring, testing, deployment, the data factory, dashboards, Agile, and more. A DataOps Platform is built for data professionals with the goal of simplifying all of the tools, steps and processes that they need into an easy-to-use, configurable, end-to-end system. This high degree of automation eliminates a great deal of manual work, freeing up the team to create new and innovative analytics that maximize the value of your organization’s data.

At FullData we not only help you set up your DevOps and DataOps framework but we tailor make the processes as per your needs. Our mission is to make your journey easy to begin with and easier on a day to day basis. Afterall just like the car which is most likely to driven more is the one which gives more milage and is easier to maintain, a data platform which is more likely to yield favourable returns is the one which is very performant and easier to maintain; and we help you with both.

Support and Maintenance

Your Data Platform is a complicated piece of work that your business relies on every day. Just thinking about the number of things that could go wrong is enough to keep you up at night. A thorough Health Check means no Data Platform surprises will throw your business for a loop.

Health Checks for a speedy recovery

You can’t fix something until you know exactly what’s wrong. Well, you can try, but you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time and money. A doctor wouldn’t start throwing prescriptions at you without making a diagnosis—the same holds true for your business’s Data Platform. The first step of our prescriptive journey with you is a Health Check. What differentiates us from a doctor however is that we not only prescribe corrective measures, we also monitor closely, follow-up and take steps for your platform’s speedy recovery.

A Health Check is an in-depth, comprehensive audit of your data platform: its configuration, hardware, workload, performance, stability, backup plans, and needs. It lets us know what’s causing problems, what’s working great, and how to develop a plan for improvement.

At Full Data, we pride ourselves on the extremely detailed and action-oriented reports that our Health Checks and continuous monitoring yields. Our reports are precise, easy to understand, and empowering. Ideally, a Health Check doesn’t just identify problems: it lays out a roadmap for how to solve them.

Performance Tuning

As your business grows, so do your databases and your data platform, becoming more complex, quickly convoluted, it even may get slow and sludgy, grinding relevant processes to a halt. Our Data Platform Tuning support will get your Data Platform working fast and efficient again, so you can keep business booming.

We take an Intelligent Approach for Optimal Data Platform Performance. Following our detailed Health Check report, our consultants fine-tune your platform with the rigor of a scientist, the precision of a surgeon, and the craftsmanship of an engineer.

FullData optimizes your data platform for maximum velocity by using intelligent analytics, proven methodologies, and our decades of experience with the nuances of Data Platform. We’ll eliminate bottlenecks, increase efficiency, and make your platform feel spry and spritely.

Emergency Support

Whether you’re suffering from a sever outage, an unresponsive database, or service interruptions, your business can’t afford to grind to a halt. That’s where our Emergency support comes in. Our experienced consultants know which nut to tighten up and with which spanner. Once you involve us, we offer you the peace of mind that the problem is now equally ours and we will support you and your team until the problem is resolved and operations are back to normal without much impact on the business.

Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

Never skip a beat with our intelligent disaster recovery and high availability solutions.

Your business depends on your data platform—unplanned downtime should never have to enter the equation. The consultants and Architects at Full Data will help you develop, implement, and optimize a failproof continuity plan to safeguard your database servers.

Whether the unexpected occurs or it’s time for scheduled maintenance, your data platform can continue to run smoothly. Rely on our robust disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) solutions to protect your data, minimize downtime, and keep your business at its best. Our experience and expertise have a background in building systems with upto 100% functional uptime.

Monitoring and Alerting

Data Platform Monitoring and Alerting

The business is growing and so is your data; The question isn’t “if your Data Platform will need attention, but when.?” With so many moving parts, it doesn’t take too much to get your Data Platform slipping off track. The key is implementing an intelligent monitoring and alerting solution that works efficiently, effectively, and quietly.

Full Data In-House Monitoring & Alerting Solution

As Data Platform specialists, our consultants will work with any third-party monitoring software you’re may already be using. Or we capture volatile workload metrics with our homegrown software solution to complete the circle of insights: designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, our solution works silently in the background to collect data, weigh performance metrics, and alert you and us of any inconsistencies to address problems before they escalate.

We monitor for a wide range of issues, from failed jobs, to error events, to underlying performance problems. Critically, we catch both immediate errors and slow-building deviations, so your Data Platform continues to perform its best. Our solution is available for both on premise and cloud based data platforms.

Unlock Full Potential

We can develop new data architecture for you using a single source, or by integrating new and existing data sources together to create more effective data lakes that are easier to pipe to their endpoints.