Data is everywhere and we do amazing things with it.

FULLData – Your go to partner for all Microsoft Data platform projects and IT efficiency questions. Driven by former Microsoft employees.

What we offer

We help customers to achieve more value from data. Whether on premise, in the cloud or both

“Every  data  environment should run smoothly
and be cost efficient  
so that you can  leverage its  full  potential.”

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Our mission at  FullData  is simple

We aim at maximizing the Full potential of your data & IT infrastructure. We ensure productivity remains constant as your IT operations grows with you. 

  • Full Data Support
  • Full Data Commitment
  • Full Data Capacity management
  • Full Data Quality
  • Full Data for Full control on your data

Our Services

Maximize the availability and performance of your applications and services.

Capacity Management
    Are you questioning your IT Infrastructure performance and do you need an extra pair of eyes to help you move forward? We capture essential volatile telemetry and usage data before it vaporizes.

    By looking 'under the hood', our capacity management service will help you to maximize the potential of your Data Platform by detecting consumption patterns and prevent unexpected bottlenecks to occur. Result? a cost efficient and optimal performing Data Estate so you can focus on tomorrow's business.

Data Engineering
  • Are your efforts in orchestration and warehousing of your important data future ready.
  • Is your organization evolving at the pace with your competitors and industry?
  • “Data is the new oil”. Are you running on an empty tank?

Data Engineering involves right from the basics of data warehouse design, to data storage and archival, data orchestration and streamlines provisioning and deployment. Our solutions cover everything about data.

Data Rightsizing

Rightsizing refers the process of restructuring or reorganizing a company's IT infrastructure, networking, storage, data centres, hardware or other critical components in an effort to get the highest possible value from those services.

Unlock SAP Data with Simplement

Now that you know a bit more about rightsizing, we’ll introduce Right Sizing for SAP HANA. This means that you’re ensuring your data is the right size for its move to SAP HANA and that you’re not moving over anything you don’t need. In most cases, only 13-17% of system data is in active use. It’s like if you’re moving from a bigger place to a smaller place, you won’t be able to take everything with you – and you might find there’s a lot of unnecessary things that are just taking up space.

Rightsizing for Azure Infrastructure

• Identity Management

• Analytics

• Networking

• Data warehouse

• Data Orchestration / Plumbing

Experience a smarter way to manage your IT infrastructure cost and performance.

With our capacity management as a service.

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